[Harp-L] The Old Kratt back on the shelf

Still plays, but the old first-generation plastic-comb Kratt Hit Parade is back on the shelf, for viewing and occasionally playing purposesly only. I can not perpetuate this harmonica by taking it apart to replace reeds, so I'm not gonna play it that much. 

I took it apart and found out why it plays so well. It's held on by these little plastic teets that come through the the reedplate, like a plastic rivet, except it's part of the comb. The holes in the reedplate evidently snapped onto the teets in assembly, but you can't get it off, so it's not a harp I can perpetuate, if I blow out a reed, I'm not gonna be able to replace it without totally changing the harp's nature. 

The teets are so numerous, there are numerous ones on the comb teeth. That's why it plays so well, the reedplates are held at perfect torque and in numerous places, it's tight. But, you can't take it apart. 

Interestingly enough, it appears that Kratt purchased the naked reedplate from Hohner. It's the  Old Standby/Marine Band plate from that period. It has the three holes on each side for coverplate nails and the Hohner reedplate nail hole pattern (the nail holes are unused). Kratt put the reeds on himself evidently because it has these weird rivets that are very tiny and do not go all the way through the reedplate. It looks like something Rosy the riveter would use to mount sheet metal on a tiny B17, not a harmonica rivet.  

I really like this harp, it's a shame... I wanted to play it a lot. It had a solid plastic comb, like the 1847 silver.

Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas

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