Re: [Harp-L] anybody identify this harp?

I figured it couldn't have been pre-WWII because of that distinction. However, in my brief meanderings on the Interwebs, it appears that "Western Germany" (Westdeutschland) typically refers to the geographic region including the western states of the country, whereas "West Germany" refers to the English political name for the former Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland), so there does appear to be a distinction. (Yes, I did look for more references than just Wikipedia.)

So where does that lead us? Maybe nowhere. Heck, this could've been made in China in 1972 for all I know. Still, it's fun to find out for sure. I've emailed the Deutsches Harmonikamuseum, but they're GMT +1 or 2 so it's late in the evening there and I don't expect to hear back until Monday.

I'll keep you posted.


David Payne wrote:
If it's stamped Western Germany on the bottom, then the tools were in the West when it was made.

One thing that would help date it would be when "Made in Western Germany" became "made in West Germany." My German history could be sharper, but as I recall the Federal Republic of Germany under Konrad Adenaur, considered itself to be the reorganized reich, since the East was not democratically elected and considered not legitimate. Thus, you would have "western" instead of "West" and that would imply that it was the western part of Germany, not a separate country in the West. As I recall, West Germany and East Germany recognized each other in the 1970s. That would put manufacture date of your harp in the 1950s or 1960s. Anything 1945-1949, would have its occupation zone, which is usually a good thing for pinpointing where it was made.

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