[Harp-L] The Power of Harp-l

In the Year, or maybe a little more that I have been a Harp-lo List member, I figure I have spent at least $1000 on harp related stuff, mostly from list members, that I never would have bought if I had not been a list member.  Every purchase was a good value, everyone I have dealt with has been very professional, and my enjoyment of playing harmonica has never been greater. 

Since I consider myself average, extrapolating my experiences with the 1800 members we have, we are responsible for almost 2 million dollars of harmonica related items each year.  As each of us brings in new members these numbers will grow exponentially.  I know already that I have to have Winslow's book, which is supposed to be in my Christmas Stocking, I must have a Peterson Strobe Tuner, a Kinder AFB is a necessity, a boutique amp, more new harmonicas, tools music, concerts given by list member and others mentioned on the list, etc.  

The point is, as we grow, and command more attention and economic impact, will the list grow too large?  Will the sharing of information continue, or will those who share grow tired of the increased search for knowledge by the less than perfect players.  Will FJM get tired of the increased workload?  Will different opinions tear apart the list?  Where do we want to go?

Just some points to ponder.


Harvey Berman

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