RE: [Harp-L] my first solo performance in Bristol/GB

On the first one, I really liked what you did with your voice.
It occurred to me that in the context of a "more ordinary song", one might
use the voice while in first position to simulate bends and such.  And there
were a few instances where the voice and the harp got so close as to be
almost interchangeable. 
I'm assuming you were playing an a harp and again assuming all the vocals
happened when you were blowing or in first position. 
 Too bad we couldn't vocalize reliably on the draw notes, but that would
probably do untold damage to our vocal cords... 
(Vocal chords... Ha-ha-haaa.  That's what I almost wrote.)
Brad Trainham

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Hi all

here are some links to 4 short vids on Youtube where you can see /hear me
doing my first solo performance.
I was asked to do so because there were a lot of chromatic harpplayers
performing and I wanted just to show some more things you can do on a
So i did some funny sounds, chords, vocalising through the harp etc etc....

this link is from a YouTube video where you can hear me , William Gallison
and West Weston (GB) finishing of the night with a slow blues.

I used a beta-harp in low C for my solo... William ans West both played a
chrom and West switched to diatonic near the end....

Ben Bouman
Ben Bouman 

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