Re: [Harp-L] please read!

Are you African American or white?  I want to know who a statement like this would come 
from.  Either way, you need to take your statements and yourself off of this list and go 
somewhere else.  Hate is something very unwelcomed on this list and in our society so go be 
an asshole somewhere else.  I am sure fjm will take care of this.  I shake my head in discust 
at how any man, a real man, would even begin to think like this.  I pity you.  

Roger Gonzales
Fresno, CA.      

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> eat a dick, we got a black prez now.
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> Let me say that I don't want to see ANY further discussion of 
> politics on
> harp-l.  I also don't want to read any scoldings regarding whether 
> or not
> something belongs as a topic. If you have a problem with the 
> content of a
> post please write me and complain.  If you wish to reply to an 
> obviouslyoff topic post use private  e-mail to fire off your 
> rejoinder.
> Harp-l is a topic specific list.  It is a forum for the discussion 
> of all
> things harmonica.  Youtube is an interesting and new problem for 
> me.  I do
> not want to have to watch each and every submitted video to discern 
> if the
> linked to content is appropriate for harp-l.  The fact is we don't 
> reallyhost the content.  We do allow subscribers to link to 
> harmonica related
> content.  The recent climate of postings has been a deluge of 
> linked to
> videos.  A virtual torrent.  Several things are troubling about this
> trend.  The sideways sneaking in of points of views political and
> otherwise is just one of these things.  What it does to the archive is
> another.  It renders it a virtual graveyard of broken links and 
> missingpages.  It also lowers the bar for content.  Check this cool 
> link followed
> by the onlist replies of cool dude, dug the link.  I'm certainly 
> not going
> to formulate a new policy on the fly here but please, think before you
> post.  Try and build a knowledge base and a community and remember 
> that a
> large part of the value of harp-l lies in the archives.  Thank you
> harp-l-listowner
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