[Harp-L] RE: America have to be proud

Well,its funny that a french woman cant not express her opinion on american politics(world politics)when the americans are always in every others countrys bussines(for good or for bad)
So,americans can give there opinion (and action)but the rest not...cool!
Well i dont give a F*** about republicans or democrats  for me its almost the same sh*T...but with diferent taste....
What im extremely happy its that many old black musicians that i have the pleasure of playing and beeing friends,can see a black (mixed)men up there....
these people couldnt sit in the front of the bus and all that shit.....And now ,to see a black man there and a black woman fro m the rough south side of CHicago sleeping in the White House instead of a couch,that mean really something for the black people  and the world in general...and thats something america gotta be proud.....los reyes del KOmarcos coll reichenbergerstr. 5910999 berlinphone: oo49 30 61076946
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