[Harp-L] Backing tracks

For those of you harmonica players who are looking for new and different 
backing tracks to play along with to broaden your chops and fill the time when 
band is not available, check out "Chord Progressions for Guitar" by Tom Kolb. The 
2003 Hal Leonard Musicians Institute book includes 101 chord progressions 
that are demonstrated on the included CD.

(This again demonstrates that books targeted to guitar players [or other 
instruments] can prove helpful to the harmonica community. Don't wait for somebody 
to write a harmonica book; use what's already out there.)

Each progression is 30-40 seconds long, so if you'll need to set your player 
on track repeat to have more than a few seconds of backup.

The book is not very heavy on notation (for you music readers). But it does 
have a chord box and chord chart/rhythm chart indicating which chord follows 
the next.

That means that you can get out your harp case and figure out which harp 
works with each harp progression as you listen to the CD. Here you get the added 
advantage of which chords are being played: You don't have to guess.

As a backup track, this offers a wide variety of styles.
Folk, country, R&B, rock, ballad, blues, jazz-Latin fusion, funk and 
"miscellaneous" progressions.

Even without cracking the book, I think this CD alone is worth the cover. And 
if you plan to play out with guitar players, it might be helpful to learn the 
kind of stuff they are playing and practice along with it.

As you play the CD, you'll no doubt recognize that remind you of certain 
songs (Which came first, the progression or the song?).

At $17 list -- this 60-minute CD could offer hours of entertainment and 
practice. I got mine from Amazon and it's probably available at your favorite music 
or book store.

Hope this helps.
Phil Lloyd

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