Am I missing some audio here? It sounded like Christelle said that we voted  
for the right person. She is most likely talking about the election results as 
a  whole and not pointing fingers at either party's supporters, n'est pas?
Remember, outside of the US, we are viewed as an entity, much in need of  
upgrading our image to the world, in my opinion. This feels like a good  start.
Funny how responses sometimes morph the original posting into  something 
However, its a big ol' world with a lot of differing viewpoints. Christelle  
may consider developing a thicker skin and not react so personally hurt when  
someone offers a negative comment.
You can't please everybody.
btw, nice harmonica version. I wouldn't play the 4 hole inhale bend at  the 
"floor", as this note sounds almost 1/4 tone flat when produced this way. OK  
for blues, but not so OK for musical line.
The Iceman
In a message dated 11/5/2008 7:24:15 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
10reedsbent@xxxxxxxxx writes:

I,  personally, feel a bit offended that someone from
another country should  tell me or any other American that we voted for the
wrong person and post  it here with a link stating so.

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