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Christelle you have to realize that around 80% or so of the Harp -L are Americans.They have their right(in fact a good few of them died to give the rest of us) the right to vote for whom they choose.
Why leave a discussion group dedicated to the Harmonica because you happen to have a different political/ sociological viewpoint on anything.
Why on earth would you think that because we all aspire to play Harmonica that we would have the same solutions to the worlds problems.

"we are reproached as people who deny the reality and seriousness of human affairs. For since we ignore the commandments of God and all values prescribed as eternal, nothing remains but what is strictly voluntary. Everyone can do what he likes, and will be incapable, from such a point of view, of condemning either the point of view or the action of anyone else."
Take out the reference to God( irrelevant really) and your own philosopher Sarte summed it up pretty well (imho)
This a Harp L not Sociology 101
in NZ
and I love your harmonica playing
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HI guys

What can I say? What was a quite innocent video turns into an accusation of politics. IT WAS NOT POLITICS

I just want to say 2 things:

Us french we've little object like boxes, it can talk and we can see moving picture inside. Thru this we can know what's happening at the other side of the planet.
So Steve yes I know what I'm talking about!! My level of education is probably more rich than you know

I'm really dissapointed to see that american people here can be so rude with a french girl who tried to share the joy of millions of Americans...

Last thing: I'm free to do whatever I want , and now I 'll not post anything for a long time here

Christelle Berthon
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