[Harp-L] links and youtube

I apologise for intruding twice in a night here.  If you're posting a link
to a video on youtube please do include some information about what it is
you're linking to.  For instance, here's my band playing out.  This is
first set watch for the solo in Help Me.  Just include something so that
people have an idea as to what they're clicking on. Think you might be
offending people?  let them know this up front.  The other thing to keep
in mind is that harp-l is a topical list.  all things harmonica. make sure
that whatever you've linked to meets this broad topical focus.  I say a
link to a video but I really mean any url or link posted to harp-l.  In
the case of Dave Payne's unfortunate erasure of his youtube videos good
information in the post can allow somebody to find the newer replacement
links.  A description gives people reading in the archive years later the
ability to search for the content in the event that it isn't where it was
when the link was originally posted. harp-l-listowner

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