[Harp-L] anybody identify this harp?

Please have a look at the pics I took this evening:

I got this 10-hole chromatic in a box of stuff from my brother a few
years ago.  It could have belonged to my grandfather who passed away
about 13 yrs ago.  It feels nice and heavy.  Chrome or nickel plating
is good all over.  The outside was pretty dirty when I got it, and the
action on the button was pretty bad.  I took apart the button and
cleaned it with steel wool so it moves freely now.  The spring still
seems in good shape.  I also cleaned up the mouthpiece and covers with
steel wool.  Comb is wood and in good shape, no visible cracks, though
the finish is starting to crackle on the back.  The button and
reedplates are brass.  The reed flaps are intact and I think made of
leather.  Reed plates are in good shape, but badly out of tune.  Cover
plates are also in good shape, as you can see from the pictures.  I've
taken the covers off, but not the reedplates so don't know what the
inside of the comb looks like.

There are no distinguishing marks to identify the manufacturer that I
can see.  Embossed logo on top and bottom reads "Chromatic".  Stamp on
the bottom plate and label inside the box top reads "Made in Western
Germany".  It's in what I assume is the original cardboard box which
is pretty badly beat up.  Admittedly, the pictures didn't come out as
clear as I would have liked, but it should give you a good idea of
what I've got.

Really, I'm just curious.  I'd love to hear if anybody knows anything
about this harp.  Even if it's just a generic cheapo, I'd like to know
more about it.  If it's worth it, someday I may have it restored and
even learn to play it.


The beatings will continue until morale has improved.

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