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Hey Bill, do you sell those combs by themselves that are undrilled, without inserts... just vanilla ice cream? I think it would be an interesting juxtaposition... a  prewar 270 on a Romel Lucite comb with an external slide spring mounted on it. 
I figured if I could get it undrilled, I could put it together with nails... just kidding about that... I'd bolt it. But I am thinking that one of your combs on a prewar... I mount an external spring on the comb would be the coolest-looking harmonica on the face of the earth. 

Do you know where the Lucite you get comes from? There's a good chance it's Parkersburg, West Virginia. 

Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas 

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The best solution to a cracked wood comb for a chromatic is to  have it
replaced with a machined acrylic comb with custom brass inserts and
stainless steel screws.  This will solve the cracked comb problem provide
an upgrade to a perfectly good chromatic harmonica that will last a
lifetime.  The instrument will be air tight and leak proof.  Unaffected by
temperature or humidity problems and maintenance is a breeze.  Reed Plates
mounted independently so only one has to be removed to be worked on  if

The other solution, is to seal the crack with epoxy very carefully.  Leave
one plate on to act as an anchor,  place some wax paper in the slot where
the crack is located and fill in the crack with 5 minute epoxy cement.  Let
dry for 24 hours.  This usually works very well.
Don't,  I mean don't squeeze the comb together and then add the epoxy. 
Just fill in the crack and let dry.  If you squeeze the comb together, you
will ruin the slot alignment and the reed plate may not fit correctly.

Best Regards,

Bill Romel

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> Somebody was talking about this yesterday on the list, I had this video I
hadn't gotten around to posting, so I uploaded it. Much easier than
explaining in an e-mail.
> Dave Payne Sr. 
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