RE: OFFLIST - RE: [Harp-L] Pignose HOG30 Rechargeable Amplifier For Sale $75

Doh!  My apologies for my OFFLIST message being very much ONLIST.
...but while I'm using up bandwidth, I'll bother everyone again.  I'm in the market for a cheap practice amp solution.  Just need something to practice the nuances of playing amplified.  Most needed feature is that it be cheapity cheap with some extra cheap cheap.  I'm considering the pignose 7, but I'm open to suggestions.  Yes, I know, the topic has been done a dozen times before, and yes, I'm perusing the archives...but it's harp-l tradition that some topics be rehashed constantly, so I'm just doing my part.  (Hey, at least it isn't a question on comb material.)
Jonathan "premature sendulation" Compton

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