Re: [Harp-L] The Wizard by Black Sabbath

Do mean the harp lick or the melody of the song? The harp lick seems to consist of a 2 draw followed by a 2 draw two-step bend and back again, then some chord playing consisting of two draws and a blow and draw, ascending, descending to a draw and back to the 2 draw thing again.

>>> "John Plusa" <Jplusa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 5/11/2008 16:24 >>>
Hello, I have been trying to play The Wizard on Harp from Black Sabbath and
am having trouble.  I'm fairly new on the harp.  I have a Diatonic Major D
and can find the second note as I play along with the record but not the 1st
note.  Am I using the correct harmonica?  Any help would be so appreciated.
Thank you so very much.   

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