[Harp-L] new tune on myspace

i hope that's how to do the url...
tune is 'knock yourself out'   my tribute to a certain band, which will become evident from the first notes.
btw, the acoustic guitars sound kind of phased cuz when we were laying down the tracks, i started in a lower key.  when i went to do vocals, i thought it would be better in a higher key to give it some oomph.  so they moved the key of the guitars up a step and it made 'em sound like that, which i think turned out pretty cool...and lucky!
harp is very difficult (impossible) on one instrument.  used 2 different keys and spliced it together...feel like i cheated, but what're ya gonna do?  :)
anyway, hope ya like it.  let's see who's first to listen!

bill frain

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