[Harp-L] DakotaBob and the business mans blues band

I have a new band  with the fowling members
Jerry Miller of moby Grape fame (Rolling Stone declared him as the #68 all time best guitar player
Then these identical twin 21 yeaar ol briothers, Matt Flynn,drummer, Dennis Lead guitar
Young and fun and no attitude,just fun
! gig in Portland at the Mock Crest Tavern
And 1 in Lynden Wa at a medical marijuana benefit for sick patients(INteresting)1 guy came dressed as a bag of weed. I am a cdl driver and have been tested 3 times this year,so i love being straight and watching all the crazyiness
That was a halloween nite costume and wild it was. I need a amp with 4 12's or something similar .as my old Gibson just didnt cut it. What it the most econimical way to get one?

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