[Harp-L] Buddha Harps - Current Price list

The Hype is true!   Become a better player with just one harmonica.

Chris Michalek is modifiying stock harmonicas designed to help all
players realize their full potential. There are many harmonica
"customizers" but none play at the advanced level that Chris does,
this is important because world-class playing is an indication of
dedication, a natural gift of hearing tones and nuances in each note
as well as the employment of top notch technique. It takes a special
harmonica to allow top-shelf players play they way they play.

Chris understands what it takes to build a harmonica for real world
performance, he has been building harmonicas since 1991.  Any
harmonica that leaves the workbench is one that he would be happy to
play on any live gig.

•	Reeds are specially treated relieve stress caused during the mass
production process at the Factory. This technique gives the instrument
a increased life span and increased output.
•	Reeds are curved and arced for the best possible output and
playability for all types of playing styles.
•	Reeds are properly sized to each reed slot
•	Reed Plates are smoothed out, edges modified to ensure complete
air-tightness and comfort
•	Cover Plates are reworked for maximum volume. Opened in the back and sides.
•	All instruments are tuned using a Peterson Tuner
•	All harmonicas are tuned as requested ie; Equal Temperament,
Compromising Tuning or Just Intonation

Buddha Harp $175  (Golden Melodies only)
includes wood comb that replaces the factory plastic comb

Zen Harp - $150 (Golden Melody, Special 20, Marine Band, Blues Harp
etc) (Models with wood combs are sealed to prevent swelling)
Harmonica is set up using factory supplied parts only.

Lotus Harp - $85 (Golden Melody, Special 20, Marine Band, Blues Harp
etc) $95 if you want the factory wood comb sealed to prevent swelling.
Harmonica is set up using factory supplied parts only. When all you
need is a harmonica that plays better out of the box. Cover plates and
combs are not modified.  The reeds are distressed, tuned, set up of
optimum play-ability and gapped.  Less nuances are available on a harp
set up like this BUT it still plays better than ANY out of the box

These prices are valid until 11/30/2008

Please email me off-list to order.

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