[Harp-L] Buddah Harps

I purchased a harmonica customized by Chris Michalek recently, and as high  
as my expectations of this instrument were, they were far surpassed. As  
described, the overblows and overdraws are effortless. However, that does not  even 
crack the surface of this harmonica's brilliance. One thing that surprised  me 
about it is that although it tuned with equal temperament (or whichever  
tuning it is), its chords are surprisingly rich and loud. Also the bends are  
easily achieved and sound awesome. It is also a very comfortable harmonica, the  
opened up back gives the golden melody a good grip in your hand. All in all,  
Buddha scored big with these harmonicas. I own customs from a few different guy 
 and Chris's is my current favorite. Oh the harp was in B flat by the way.
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