[Harp-L] SFBayharpers to Welcome Damien Masterson

Good news from harp ace Damien Masterson: He'll be a featured player

at the SFBayharpers Yahoo Group's third quarterly meet-and-greet jam

session at Armando's in Martinez, CA.

We'll team him up with the fire-breathing house band for some

chromatic blues playing hot enough to scorch your asbestos underwear.

The session is scheduled for Wednesday, November 19, at Armando's, 707

Marina Vista. We'll hope for the return of several other top-level

blues players to this session, including Mark Fenichel and Larry

Marks. Don't know yet if Winslow Yerxa plans to attend, but after his

featured performance last time out, we certainly hope so. I and my

acoustic band, Awed Ducks, featuring our own Peter Sproul on harp,

hope to do a short set.

Danny White, an SFBayharper and owner of the Good Stuff Guitar Shop in

Martinez, will again provide a back line of top-quality guitar and

harp amps for folks to use; or you can bring your own gear. Armando's

has a pro-quality PA system.

Signups for the jam will start at 6:30 and the music starts at 7.

We'll go until 9:30 or 10 p.m.

The first two jams got rave reviews from those who attended, so I hope

more folks, players and nonplayers alike, will turn out this time.

I'll keep Harp-L posted on developments.


Bob Loomis

SFBayharpers Moderator


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