[Harp-L] Harp Commander Instead of Amp ?

Nope, the Harp Commander will not duplicate the juicy push/pull of a great  
tube amp.  That being said, last night I loaded my Bassman R.I. into the  car 
for a big Halloween Ball gig. Got all set up onstage, began soundcheck, and  
the Bassman wouldn't power up, and time was short. I always carry the Harp  
Commander for just this possibility. Funny thing is, until now I've never had to  
call it into emergency service. I asked the soundguy to just run all his  
settings flat across, handed him a line-out cord from the HC, (I have the  
original ~ let's call it "HC Classic") plugged in, dialed up a very satisfying  
sound, and had a great gig that might otherwise have been an exercise in  
Full-blown tube amp nirvana? Of course not. Fat powerful reliable big  round 
harp tone through the PA?  Absolutely!  
Jeff G
Denver CO

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