RE: [Harp-L] Holmes Harp Commander III for Sale

I agree with Bob - a Harp Commander is not as good as a Sonny Jr or
other boutique harp amp that costs upwards of $1500 for sure. But search
the harp-l archives for comments and read the reviews on the and other sites. You'll see primarily rave
reviews and from pro or very experienced players. Ian Collard, for
example, is no slouch! Not to mention the comments by Charlie
Musselwhite. It sounds *damn* good and weighs a few pounds and fits into
your case as opposed to an amp that will break your back and you have to
try to fit in the trunk, etc. Then there's the advantages of impedance
matching/transforming (lo-z/hi-z), battery usage for busking/camping,
etc. I used it with the lone wolf delay (also can run on batteries)
through the HCIII effects loop and that sounded great and was a very
portable setup.

And that's for a few hundred, rather than almost a few thousand. And you
have much better control to dial in a range of sounds, where as with
amps you are pretty much locked in, other than some control over just a
few parameters. A very good compromise, especially since it's been well
established here that the tone comes mostly from the player and


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> I've heard of these before but can it really sound as good as like a >

> Sonny jr or something like that or is it something in between PA clean
> and a custom harp amp. Please enlighten me.---No, the Harp Commander
does not sound as good as a Sonny Jr or really any good amp...but it
does sound pretty good and it's a lot easier to carry :-)
WVa Bob 
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