[Harp-L] Lo Z bullet

Keep it as is and install an XLR connector. Then you can use that one
straight into the PA. Or use an impedance-matching transformer between the
mic and your tube amp input.

I hardwired a Neutrik 1'4" plug that has the transformer built into it on
mine and it works great. The plug with transformer is about $30.

Here is a link : http://www.fullcompass.com/product/295511.html

Good luck with that.

Best of both worlds, make an adapter cable with the xformor plug and an XLR
female, and have the mic wired with an XLR male. Then you either use a
regular mic cable or the adapter depending on your input impedance

Good luck!


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> I have a 1962 Shure 520 B Green Bullet microphone. The "B" model is not
> usually associated with harps, as it is a low impedance microphone (I
> believe 15 ohms according to Dave Kott's website on these mics). It does
> have a great old look. I'm going to send it out to be rewired, but can't
> decide whether to have the same person replace the element with a high
> impedance version. On the one hand, it would be nice to hear it as it is,
> but right now, it has a funky 4 prong plug that would require a fairly
> expensive wire just to hear it. Dave Kott was kind enough to give his
> opinion on this matter, and I totally respect it, but I thought I'd post it
> to the list since I've been (mostly) lurking here and thought I'd try to
> join in some more. I know that there are transformers available to convert
> low impedance to high, and I believe that I've read that overdrive effects
> pedals also give a similar sound transformation. Further complicating the
> matter is my sense that the guitar pickup world seems to have switched its
> affection from higher impedance to lower (more vintage) impedance.

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