Subject: Re: [Harp-L] effects on tremolo harmonica

Hi Ken:
An update:  Jia-Yi played as one of the headliners during the Sat.  night 
banquet show for the Garden State Harmonica Convention last November  (2007).  He 
was amazing with the stacked one point  I think he'd gotten 
up to 6 at a time...some of us even made sure to attend  even his rehearsals, 
since his playing was so beautiful.
He lives here in New York, has incredible credentials playing, recording  and 
teaching besides being a member of the Long Island Harmonica Club (the one  
that's just a bit too far away for me to travel to): John Savas or Shelly Lulov 
 would have a lot more information about him, but I'm pretty sure videos 
taken by  Danny G. of his brilliant harmonica performances are posted in the 
Slidemeister  gallery for anyone wishing to view them.
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Subject: Re: [Harp-L] effects on  tremolo harmonica
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The Columbus Ohio Buckeye Harmonica Festival in  2004
featured a Chinese harmonica player by the name of Jia-Yi He,
who is  an amazing tremelo player (as well as chromatic and probably
all types of  harmonicas).

I was amazed at seeing and hearing him isolating notes on  not just
one tremolo harmonica but a stack of them, probably at least 4  held
between his fingers (I'm not sure of the exact number).  Simply  amazing!

I found this video on myspace, and I'm pretty sure he is using  a
tremolo harmonica... maybe two, its hard to see.  There are some  YouTube
videos where he is playing various classical pieces on chromatic, but  I
could not find any tremelo pieces  there.

Ken  H in OH

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> Subject: Re: [Harp-L] effects on tremolo  harmonica
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> Date: Thursday, October 30,  2008, 4:31 PM
> Wow - thanks for the analysis! I think it's a  shame
> there is so little information available about
> "advanced  tremolo 
> technique" - not that I'm an advanced player, but
>  progressing would be easier with even only a small fraction
> of the  
> material that's around for blues harp or chromatic ...
>  Greetings,  Hannes


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