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Hi Martin

Thank you for the very kind words. You are right, that is Gwen Foster on "Baby All Night Long." Clarence 'Tom' Ashley, Gwen Foster, Clarence Green, and Walter Davis did a two-day session in New York City, Nov 30-Dec 1 of 1933, in various configurations resulting in about twenty masters. Three were unissued and the remainder were issued under about half a dozen name credits on more than a dozen different labels. Five of the masters went out under "Blue Ridge Mountain Entertainers" but 'Baby All Night Long' was not one of those, it went out as by Ashley and Foster.
A couple of still in-print compilation CDs  from which I've pulled tracks for the playlist had incorrect information and I passed that through without editing, so as to not misrepresent the product (if anyone wanted to purchase it). In my own 'conformed' collection of recordings it's tagged as "Ashley and Foster" on Vocalion 02780.
It was a productive two days of recording with lots of fantastic work by the great Gwen Foster. I'm glad you like the music and in turn the Roots Harmonica joint. I hope to see you in Sweden one of these days. By the way if you are a real Gwen Foster nut, send me a line.

Staggerin' Jim
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  On Staggerin Jim´s radio show of roots harmonica there was a cut by a group named Blue Ridge Mountain Entertainers (if I got it right). Very snazzy harp solo, quick precise phrases in upper register.
      I could not find any info on this group, but stylistically it sounded like Gwen Foster. Anyone who knows anything  ´bout this?
      Staggerin Jim´s show is an undiluted source of joy, lots of good and varied stuff coming from there and I seriously recommend checking it out. 
      I feel like owe him a staggeringly tall glass of whatever he desires, should he ever go pub crawling in this part of the world.
    in Sweden

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