Re: [Harp-L] Weber VST 6x9 speakers?

I experimented quite a bit in the Mini with the Weber 6x9's Jim. I really wanted to do one 10 and two 6x9's but they were extremely tight
and brittle. I tried all sorts of combinations as far as alnico and ceramic as well as the different models of each. You might have better results
than I did but that's one of the reasons the Mini is a 10 and two 8's. Also, the older Valco and National amps actually had 7x11 speakers.
Same idea just a little bigger.Good luck


Anyone have experience with Weber VST 6x9 speakers in a harp amp?
Am thinking about a Sonny Jr 1 style circuit  (6L6x2 PP cathode biased
paraphase PI) with three 6x9 speakers in a small cab.  I know about
the oval speakers in some Valco amps.
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