[Harp-L] Chromonica270 Repair Advice Requested

Hello there.

I've lurked on Harp-L for a few months, but never posted before.
Basically, I need some advice.

I have a Hohner Chrom270 that fell out of my pocket and spent four
hours in a gutter in the wet snowy rain. It just never played right
after that. Lots of buzzing in the bottom register, and some of the
reeds in the higher register won't play (unless I want to burst a
lung). I sent it back to Hohner but they didn't fix it. I've tinkered
with it and improved the action and most of the reeds, but I think
this repair is a bit beyond my experience.

I was wondering if any of you knew of a place in Utah that can do an
assessment and repair on it. The comb's not cracked, The chrom's in
great physical shape. I bet it just needs some tweaking by a pro. If
Utah draws a blank for you, maybe you know of a reputable guy who can
do the assessment and repair for me? And do you know what it might


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