Re: [Harp-L] First Position Blues Solos?

I don't have a long list, but 
  "Trouble in Mind"  off of "Walter Horton w/ Cary Bell" (Alligator Records) is one of my favorite 1st position pieces.
  "Cross your Heart" off of the Red Devil's "King King"
  "Hoochie Coochie Man"   Muddy Waters  Lil' Walter Playing in First
  "Ludella"  off of Jimmy Rogers' "Chicago Bound" CD is in 1st,  again Lil' Walter
  "Bad Bad Boy" from Rod Piazza's "Blues in the Dark"
  "Blues Hit Big Town"  by Junior Wells   Title track
  That's all I can think of in 5-min.
  Dan G.

Tony Eyers <tony@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Does anyone have a list (exhaustive preferably) of classic first 
position blues solos?


Tony Eyers
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