[Harp-L] Positions: 12th

Hey William,
Just for fun, here's one the other guys didn't mention: for 12th
position (one that Jason Ricci likes to use especially for major scale
stuff with an interesting twist): The root note is 2 draw bent down a
whole step, and the 5 draw, and the 9 draw.  For fun and a feel of this
position, start with the first two listed root notes to launch into
"Over the Rainbow" and take it from there.
From: "Wm.Galley" <mil-bil@xxxxxxx>
Subject: [Harp-L] Position Query
Hi Harplers  --  Query  re 'positions' on 10 hole diatonics. 
  1 hole blow on a C harp would be C, and called the 'root' note.
   Now, what hole is root note for 'second' position ?   And for 'third'
position ?  and / or others ?

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