[Harp-L] Re: Positions

Here is a link to a visual depiction of the circle of fifths.


Suppose the band is in "C" and you want to play 1st position.
You look at the _12o'clock _spot because that is where "C" is located.
It's the *1st place* you view so that's the harp you need to play *1st position *in the key of "C".
But, suppose you want to play 2nd position.(Again, band is in "C".)
You look at the 12 o'clock position to find "C:.(1st place you look at)
Now you move counterclockwise one hour and find yourself at the 11 o'clock spot which is where "F: is always found.
You have now "visited" _2 locations_ on the circle, hence you have found _2nd position.
_(The band is in "C" so you use an "F" harp to play _2nd position.)_
Take it one step further and shoot for _third position._
*First,* look at "C"(12 o'clock)
*Second*, move counterclockwise to 11 o'clock where "F" is located.
*Third, *move counterclockwise to 10 o'clock where "Bb" is located.
Bb is the _third position _on the circle that you have looked at and so, Bb is the harp you want to play 3rd position if the band is in "C".

I always set my harp case up in the order of "the circle."
That makes finding the right harp a piece of cake.

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