Re: [Harp-L] Harry Pitch and Rhythm and Reeds

Thanks Roger

These videos have been a great way getting to know wonderful players from the UK and beyond. And they make a terrific adjunct to the NHL magazine. Just brilliant work.

Staggerin' Jim
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  I have been putting up videos from harmonica players at the NHL
  festivals and other UK concerts, as time permitted. I got a comment on
  one of Harry Pitch  asking if I could show something of him playing
  with Jack Emblow - together they make up the reeds in Rhythmn & Reeds.
  One of the UK's best kept secrets.

  I shared these with a few friends who said to post them to Harp-L - so
  there they are.


  If you don't know who Harry is

  If you want to see the others - there will be more - maybe even Howard
  ...., they are gathered here


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