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1 hole  blow on a C harp would be C, and called the 'root' note.   Right?
Be careful. Understand what "root" means. For 1st position, the root can be  
found at 1 exhale, 4 exhale, 7 exhale and 10 exhale.

Now, what hole is root note for 'second' position  ?  
2 inhale, 3 exhale, 6 inhale and 9 inhale.

And for  'third' position ? 
1 inhale, 4 inhale, 8 inhale

and / or  others ?
If the band were playing in F, would I use the  'Circle of Fifths, count 
clockwise to A and assume
that the A  harp in 1st. position would  FIT. ??
1st position harmonica would be in the same as key the band plays - in this  
case, F harmonica.
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