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To answer the first question the root notes are as follows:
  1st position 1 blow 4 blow 7 blow 10 blow
  2nd position 2 draw 3 blow 6 blow 9 blow
  3rd position 1 draw 4 draw 8draw
  The second question seems like you are confused.  If the band is playing in F, an A harp would not be first position.  An F harp would be first position.  I do not understand where you are getting an A harp from, as A is far away from F in the circle of fifths.
  The circle of 5ths is based on the major scales, or Do re mi fa so la ti do.
  The notes in the C major scale are as follows:
  C D E F G A B C
  C is the first note, D is the second note.  G is the 5th note.  WHen you move clockwise in the circle of fifths from the key of C, the next note would be a fifth higher, the key of G.
  If you have a C harp, C is first position and G is second position.  If you like playing in second position you need to know which key harp you have.  Then you need to know the major scale with the same tonic as they key harp you have.  Go to the fifth note in that major scale and tell the band to play in the key that has the same name as the fifth note.
  However, if the band tells you the name of the key you are in,  you need to move counterclockwise thru the circle of fifths one time to find out which harp to pick up if you want to play in second position.
  Counterclockwise can also be thought of as moving a fourth higher.
  Let's say the band tells you they are playing in the key of G.  The G major scale is\
  G A B C D E F# G
  C is the fourth note.  Get a C harp.
  Your original post says the band is playing in F.  If you want to play first position, get an F harp.  If you want to play second position, look at the F major scale:
  F G A Bb C D E F
  The fourth note is Bb, get a Bb harp.
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  Michael Rubin

"Wm.Galley" <mil-bil@xxxxxxx> wrote:
  Hi Harplers -- Query re 'positions' on 10 hole diatonics. 
1 hole blow on a C harp would be C, and called the 'root' note. Right?
Now, what hole is root note for 'second' position ? And for 'third' position ? and / or others ?
If the band were playing in F, would I use the 'Circle of Fifths, count clockwise to A and assume
that the A harp in 1st. position would FIT. ??
Thanks, ---- 'shure' enjoy this list ! BG

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