[Harp-L] Re: Amp questions: Maxi Mouse/Hohner Hoodoos

Bob -

Follow this link for detailed instructions on how to replace the batteries:


Gus Olmos

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> Subject: [Harp-L] Amp questions: Maxi Mouse/Hohner Hoodoos
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>   I'm posting this to other Harp lists
> if I get no answers here, but wanted to see if
> anyone closer to home has answers first. Two
> questions:
>    1. Maxi Mouse is Dead ... Long Live Maxi
> Mouse! My old Maxi Mouse amp, a great portable
> amp, has finally expired. The battery will not
> take a charge. I used to use it as a monitor at
> coffeehouse gigs. I know I read on one music list
> or another a post about resurrecting these.
> Anybody here have experience or know how to do
> that? I'm sure it means replacing the battery,
> but the Maxi Mouse company is out of business and
> I'm a bit of a klutz about electronics.

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