[Harp-L] Amp questions: Maxi Mouse/Hohner Hoodoos

  I'm posting this to other Harp lists
if I get no answers here, but wanted to see if
anyone closer to home has answers first. Two
   1. Maxi Mouse is Dead ... Long Live Maxi
Mouse! My old Maxi Mouse amp, a great portable
amp, has finally expired. The battery will not
take a charge. I used to use it as a monitor at
coffeehouse gigs. I know I read on one music list
or another a post about resurrecting these.
Anybody here have experience or know how to do
that? I'm sure it means replacing the battery,
but the Maxi Mouse company is out of business and
I'm a bit of a klutz about electronics.
   2. I just got the new Musician's Friend
catalog with new stuff from NAMM. There's a page
and review of the new Hohner Hoodoo Box harp amp
and the Hohner Hoodoo Hand wireless setup for
harp. Anybody here tried these?
   Thanks in advance!

Bob Loomis
Concord CA

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