[Harp-L] Was: Stormy Monday Blues, Now Derek Trucks

Joe G wrote:
hi all,
  derek trucks also has a band, and the recording i have is an
 excellent compilation of tunes worth the effort to buy and enjoy....joe g  
  landisville pa

Bill Hines wrote:
  Well, to be clearer Dickey got the old heave-ho a few years ago and
 now.  Derek Trucks (son of drummer Butch Trucks) is in the slide spot. But he
won't get royalties on those cuts, he wasn't born yet :^) 

  Derek is actually Butch's nephew.  As well as being the 'heir apparent' to Duane Allman (and sounding a lot like him) and fronting the Derek Trucks band, he was lead guitarist for Eric Clapton's world tour in 06-07.  Mr Clapton was obviously impressed!  So was I - I didn't expect to see EC sitting back and letting this young dude go for it.  Amazing stuff.
  IMHO Derek Trucks is the best blues guitarist around.  But he's only in his late 20s, and is blond and babyfaced and looks 16.  Makes me feel old!

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