[Harp-L] RE: TV Harmonica...RENEGADE

"Renegade" is another Stephen Cannell show, if this is the one you are
thinking of.  Here is a video of the opening with the theme song:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO7py7vGY7k.  The harmonica is reminiscent of
Tommy Morgan's "Rockford Files" theme.

"He was cop and pretty good at his job. But then he committed the ultimate
sin and testified against other cops gone bad. Framed for murder, they got
the woman he loved. Now he's on the run, a bounty hunter, a RENEGADE".

Glenn Garfield
Dallas, TX
New HOOT member

Chris Smith wrote on the topic of harmonica on tv:
  "the one w/ the long-haired guy
 riding around on a motorcycle was Stan Behrens;"
  This is a show I4ve zapped by occasionally, it4s total crap and just gives
me death anguish to watch, but: the harmonica is really very present on the
S/T and quite good. Sounds like diatonic all the time ... or at least for as
long as been able to stay with it.
    Does anyone know what the show is called? A very dorky looking guy in
the main part -- even by TV standards he must be lame -- and I believe his
side-kick is an American Indian.
    So, Stan Behrens is the man, thanks for that. Any added info on this
player? Any S/T released?

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