[Harp-L] New Cd release from Mike Turk - "The Mouth That Roared"

Mike Turk's Independent record label, Tin Sandwich Records, has recently released an Anthology of Turk's recordings from the 1970's up to 1981. It's titled 
 "The Mouth That Roared" (taking a cue from a news article published in Boston in 1978), Anthology & Retrospection of Turk’s work from the 70’s years 1974—1981 includes previously unreleased material and re– releases of vinyl records and reel tape.

Available exclusively from the official Mike Turk Website www.miketurk.com . You can listen to soundbytes by clicking the player link on the page http://kiplawson.freeyellow.com/index_files/Page403.htm     The site also features some updated info and photos.

Thanks for all your interest and support presently and in the past!

MySpace.com - Mike Turk Jazz Harmonica - Boston, Massachusetts - Jazz - Bossa Nova - Blues - www.myspace.com-miketurkharmonicajazz

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