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Yeah Chris....!

You LA cats got ALL the TV shows,-)....We did more Jingles and Broadway
stuff on the NY side....hey it's all music....I did COSBY (the 2nd show on
CBS not the long NBC run) I think I got a few Cable Shows outta NY like
"Rocco's Modern Life" "Exit 57" lots News and Promos for NBC & ABC and The
Theme for CBS early Show...ands lots of made for TV movies...
Occasionally, I did a Movie date if they decided to record the music in NY:

Here's a few Movies I can remember off the top of my head:

Rumor Has it
Native Son (Matt Dillon, Oprah Winfrey)
Straight out of Brooklyn
Billy Bathgate
Flirting w/ Disaster (Bass Harp)
Tom & Huck (used TWO harmonica Players!) Myself and Maestro Bonfiglio
Earthly Possessions
Family Name


Big River (parts created by the late great Don Brooks)

The Will Rogers Follies (I wrote the Harmonica book with Cy Coleman & Billy

Shenandoah (revival) (parts and 70's run by Richard Hayman) both myself &
Charlie Leighton subbed for Bonfiglio

All these shows has nice harmonica features for both Chrom & Diatonic....

Wow....'Heat of the Night' was one of my fav shows back then....I recently
downloaded some of those tv shows off itunes to watch on my ipod on the
plane trips!! Thanx for sharing that is was You.... You sound so GOOD on
that stuff....Bravo Baby....

On 1/30/08 3:00 AM, "chris smith" <harpshredder@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>   There have been so many: " Full House " I believe was my friend John "Juke"
> Logan as was "Home Improvement" ; "Sanford & Son" - Tommy Morgan "Dukes Of
> Hazzard" also Tommy Morgan (I did an animated version) "Murphy Brown" myself
> "Heat Of The Night" (I'm on the end titles) Tommy Morgan often did the
> incidental as I did as well "Oldest Rookie" I did all of them, title and
> incidental;
> "Northern Exposure" my friend Tollek; the one w/ the long-haired guy riding
> around on a motorcycle was Stan Behrens; Sesame St. "Toots" Thielemanns;
> Remington Steele (me) .
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