[Harp-L] Re: Toots and Sesame Street

Hello, Sean. 
It's good to see your words in print again.
Here's an effective way to name the key of most music, by  listening, without 
using written music:
If you have a recording of the music, or if you can schedule a viewing of  
the TV show Sesame Street, listen to the last melodic note of the tune. 
Match that note on your harmonica. If your first harmonica doesn't have  that 
note, try another harp until you find the tune's last note.
The last melodic note of a musical piece is usually the  key of the tune, 
unless the tune has more than 1 key. 
Then it would be the last key of the tune, and you could easily match the  
other key(s) used, with the last key as a reference, or by using 
the last melodic note of each section of music to find that section's  key.
You must also be able to hear the difference between a major scale and  a 
minor scale. The tune's last note will give you the spelling of the key,  but not 
it's "flavor." Example:  If the last note of the tune is Bb,  it could be Bb 
major, or Bb minor, or much less frequently, Bb any other  scale.
Most tunes are either major or minor. You'll be correct at least 75% of the  
time with this idea. Good Luck, and best wishes.
John Broecker

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