RE: [Harp-L] International Blues Challenge Memphis

Just got the word, my work gig this week was put off so I called my
buddy and harp player extraordinaire Dane Paul Russel and we're heading
to Memphis for the International Blues Championships world finals!! 

Dane is bringing his van so he's asking if anyone wants to tag along and
help pay for gas. It's a cheap gig, really. I have a hotel room right
off Beale St if someone wants to bring an air mattress or pay for a
rollaway. We're leaving sometime after work tomorrow (Weds) so get in
touch with me asap if interested. My email is visible at the top of this
post or just 'reply' rather than 'reply to all'.

Back on the road, Reach, haha! 

I'll be looking for you harp-lers there, supporting Bobby Blackhat, Gus,
and Ian's wife. I'll be at most of the harp venues I can get to,
probably wearing a beat up faded Penn State Ice Hockey ballcap. 

I went last year and what a great all-day party of unreal blues on Beale
St. Saw some incredible harp players.

Bill Hines
Hershey, PA

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Who on the list will be at the IBC this year?  I like
to hear and cheer on fellow harp players.

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