[Harp-L] NAMM Report (contd.)

Thanks to JR Ross for his usual interesting, in-depth post and kind
words. To answer some of your queries JR:
Suzuki Andes 25F: "Is this basically like a mouth-blown organ with a
single flue pipe for each note"? Yes. There is a photo (and you can
order it following the English instructions) here:
Pipe Harmonica: "...might you possibly be able to convince (Suzuki) to
see about producing a version of the calliomonica/pipe harmonica which
Sam Hinton plays so well on his two CD set?" It is a cool instrument for
sure, and would give harp players a totally different sound with similar
breath techniques. Suzuki are aware of it, so we'll just have to see. 

New Limited Edition Suzuki Diatonic: "Interesting. What platform will
this diatonic be?" Like their new luxury chromatics, the one at NAMM was
still in advanced prototype stage. I can give more information on this
after the Frankfurt Musik Messe in March.
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