[Harp-L] Upcoming gig

I have a gig coming up this Friday for any who are interested. It is at Kulaks Woodshed in Studio City, CA this Friday at about 9:00PM.

I will be a side man for two fine songwriters Severin Browne and James Coberly Smith.

Even if you don't live in LA you can log on and watch the webcast at www.kulakswoodshed.com .

The show starts at 8:00 PM with an opening act and we come on at about 9:00 PM.

I enjoy this gig because Sev often writes in challenging keys and modes in a wide range of styles so I must play both diatonic and chromatic.

With James and his wit, you just don't know what he's gonna do next.

Log on just to check out the crazy decor of the shed . Plus you can e- mail the band during the show and we'll read it to the audience between songs!

From Gary Popenoe

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