RE: [Harp-L] Howlin' Wolf Blues Harp

So... Can you see enough on that video to tell if he's using throat or
diaphragm vibrato?
Everything about him always sounded !!MASSIVE!!!
Brad Trainham

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That clip is in the film, The Howlin' Wolf Story. If I remember correctly,
the man with the hat nodding his head is Son House and during that studio
session Howlin' Wolf takes a strip off him for wasting so much of his life
to drink.

The film is worth it for all the footage of the man. Such a big presence.



> Howdy fellow harpers
> Been with you guys a few months, but can't recall anyone mentioning 
> Howlin' Wolf's harp playing.  Here's an impressive display of his 
> abilities:
> Dusty Dave

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