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The best original equipment plastic harmonica box is the one that comes with 
the Suzuki 350 Promaster (valved or unvalved) -- it has the smallest profile, 
slightly bigger than the harmonica. The only ting smaller is the leather snap 
case with belt loop; but then that is not hard plastic, capable of shielding 
the harmonica.

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> "jcolbyspell@xxxxxxxx" <jcolbyspell@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I often carry harmonicas in my pocket.  I have discovered that this  
> > is not always a great idea.  The plastic box is to big and the  
> > leather pouch does not protect against squashing.
> the plastic cases that golden melodies come in (or at least used to)
> are the best i've ever found for pocket use.  they are just basrely
> bigger than the harp that goes in them, and do a good job of protecting
> the harp from being squashed and keeping pocket lint out.  they are
> an odd shape (trapezoidal), however, and i've had to file off a bit
> of the back corners of special 20's to get them to fit.
> well worth it, though.
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