Re: [Harp-L] TV series with harmonica

Tommy Morgan plays both the diatonic and bass harmonicas in Sanford & Son, and also Green Acres.

Harp duties for My Name Is Earl is not Tommy, but rather Stanley Behrens, who is continuing in the new current series, still in the studios.

For anyone interested in Tommy's long list of accomplishments in the Hollywood studios, check his site. He has a very long list (though not necessarily complete due to repetition or minor importance, etc) and has in his personal files the complete listing, with pay stub proof, of his long history.

There are various harmonica players who lay claim to much of his work, and of course, there are times when a particular artist might not be available to the studio on given date. They will often then infer that they had done a complete series, etc.

His site as at:

And more specifically:
TV -

Films -

Records -

He holds the verified title of being heard, on harmonica, by more people in the world than anyone else!

PO Box 5061
Hudson, FL 34674-5061
Available for Harmonica Trio & Studio Sessions

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