RE: [Harp-L] Stormy Monday Blues

I have the Allman Brothers reissued double cd Live at Fillmore East and
it's got some great harp playing from Thom Doucette on Stormy Monday and
a few other tracks. 

Classic "Drunken Hearted Boy" recorded at 6am when the concert went
"overtime" and that has Thom as well as Elvin Bishop, Steve Miller,
Bobby Caldwell and several other drunken hearted boys filling in. You
could tell they were all mighty "tired". 

Thom's work on those other cuts is great. Someday I want to be an Allman
Brother, ha.

Bill Hines
Hershey, PA

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Hi  Does anyone know of a version of Stormy Monday Blues with a good
harp solo. I have a copy of Muddy Waters - Live at Mr Kelly's with ?
Paul Oscher playing some really great harmonica but this is in a regular
12 bar pattern and I looking for one in the format similar to that done
by the Allman Brothers.  I'd appreciate any ideas.  Thanks.
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