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Hi all,
  On this soundtrack thread, I always dug the backround music from the Rockford files, does anyone know... who is the player?    joe g     landisville pa   

Tom Klingl <tom.klingl@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Dear Dave, Richard, list,

It must have been "White Lightning" (thanks, Dave). I did not remember Burt
Reynolds explicitly but I read the plot synopsis on and it suits my memory
of the movie (the harmonica solo when the crooked sheriff drove his car into
the pond... ;-)) ). Music was written by Charles Bernstein...

I looked up Tommy Morgan's website but 'White Lightning' is not listed (although I believe Richard that
he might very well be the player, since the movie was made over 30 years ago
and the list only shows 60 of the over 550 movies). Amazing performance... 

Thank you for your help and kind regards

Tom (Berne CH)

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Tom Klingl wrote:

of the movie there was a car chase on country backroads and a 
<(the?) sheriff drove

Don't know the name of the movie--try looking it up in You 
can search by actor, which should help.

Since it was made 20 years or so ago, the odds are very high that Tommy 
Morgan did the soundtrack. Tommy's ability to produce stupefyingly 
accurate country harmonica on demand is clearly demonstrated in his work 
on the soundtrack for "In Pursuit of D.B. Cooper," where he lays down an 
amazing Charlie McCoy vibe. And 20 years ago, there were not a lot of 
movies with harmonica that Tommy didn't play. He was voted the number 
one session player of the year twice in a row by the Los Angeles 
Musician's Union local in the 1980's. Think for a minute about who was 
playing on that scene in that period--Tommy was voted the number one 
SESSION player, not the number one HARP player.

Of course there were plenty of worthy harp players in LA at the time. 
But given Tommy's lock on the business, I'd vote for him until someone 
can offer a for-sure alternative.

Regards, Richard Hunter
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(washarp movies)

'm not sure, from what you described, it sounds like "White Lightning" Did
it have Burt Reynolds in it?

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