[Harp-L] Kinder AFB box

Hi all,
  Just thought I'd report back on the Kinder AFB box I bought about 2 weeks ago.  To begin with, I don't have THAT much trouble with feedback issues playing through my 1960 Fender 210 Super. Especially since it has had a couple of really cool harp mods done to it. These mods were inspired by Kendrick amps.  But................I have had a few incidents on larger venues (Blues Festivals) where I could have used a little more umph from my amp without the danger of feeding back.  After trying a Kinder AFB box that a friend of mine had, I was convinced that this box is the "secret weapon".  I tried out my own box the day I got it in the mail on a small gig that I've been doing now for 10 years and I was useing my 12 watt 1960 tweed Harvard.  Not only was I able to turn up the amp to unreasonable levels without feeding back, but the box gave my amp a deep thick rich tone.   I don't know how this box works and I don't really care.  This thing works as claimed on the Kinder web site.  I've been interested in playing through some other amps that have 50 to 80 watts and have always thought that I couldn't get them to work out for me because of feedback issues.   Well........................not anymore.   I think that having this box in my arsenal will open up a miriad of amp possibilities.  I even demoed a 60 watt Blue Voodoo amp with a 410 Marshall cabinet and turned the amp WAY up ( almost too loud to even be in the room with it) and it didn't feed back.   WHOA !!!!!!!!!
The box is not cheap, by any means, but it DOES cost less than  a new amp.   So.................if you really dig your current favorite amp, but you're having feedback issues.........................get yourself the Kinder AFB box and get on with other more important issues like how you're gonna get the good looking chick at the bar to come home with you.
By the way.................I'm not affiliated in any way with Kinder Musical Instruments and I have not been compinsated for my views on this product.
Mike "Wezo" Wesolowski

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