[Harp-L] Reach Tour - the end

. . . .well it was one heck of a ride ! 8,571 miles.
Seventy two days on the road and only 5 nights spent
in motels. I'd like to thank all of the folks that
gave me a place to crash, I'd mention names but won't
because they may not want to be mentioned but you know
who you are, thank you. Didn't have a bad gig out of
the bunch and found out that my Kalamazoo bounces
pretty well and keeps on playing. Vibrated off a bass
amp in Harrisburg Pa. and broke a knob and leaped out
of my van in New Orleans, put a nice gash in my shin
and bounced off the street.
It was a great time and I hope I can do it again but
don't know if I'll ever get the chance. The United
States of Harpmerica is a great place. I hope you all
get the chance to have such a great trip.


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