Subject: [Harp-L] Chromatic Buttons

I have long since picked up some old chroms off EBay..that are pretty much  
useless for anything else but it depends on what your chrom 
is...what  manufacturer..what size?   I might have what you need.
Or...someone else also said to get a replacement button from Hohner (if  
that's your axe) a very simple matter...just write and ask for one.   They're 
very inexpensive.  Or one of the customizers who work on chroms  just might 
have some spare parts lying around......
I attached a broken off button on my 260 (10 hole Hohner) with Gorilla glue  
(it glues like to like) ...a tiny amount goes a long way (it can  
foam)...holding the harmonica between two stacks of heavy books overnight...with  just 
enough pressure to ensure the glue would grip.  The button's been on  solid now 
since Spring, 2004.  
Frankly, I wouldn't replace it with anything but 'the real thing', since  
they're so easy to come by and designed just for the instrument.  A  chromatic 
button is quite lightweight..and a hex nut must weigh a  bit more..anything not 
made for the chrom has to change the  playability.  Just my take on it.
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Subject: [Harp-L] Chromatic Buttons
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The button fell  off one of my chromatics and dropped into a crack  
(well it got lost  anyway). Truth be told, it may have left for lack of  
attention because  I'm blues player. ;-)  Anyone know where I can get a  
new  one?


Bob Cohen
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